The Argyll Convention is an annual gathering that takes place each August in the beautiful tourist town of Oban, on Scotland's west coast.

The organisers' aim may be summed up as: to facilitate hearing Christ as he speaks from the Bible, and to encourage a greater awareness of his Spirit's work across the world today and in our Christian heritage.

It is a time for learning and relating; worshipping God and having gospel fellowship.

​The Argyll Convention is part of the Keswick Fellowship.

To find out about where to stay contact Oban Tourist Information or the Scottish Accommodation Index 

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'The Glory of Christ in John's Gospel' was John Angus MacLeod's subject in 2015

Other subjects and speakers included:

Stories from societies where people are persecuted for their faith in Christ;

An account of medical and translation work in the highlands of West Papua in Indonesia (people there want to bring the gospel to the UK again!);

A presentation of the work done by Mission Aviation Fellowship;

And, the significance of the Reformation for today, by Alistair Wilson of the Highland Theological College.

The first Argyll Convention took place in 2013.

The main speaker  was Tim Chester.

Richard and Pam Bewes.

Richard spoke from Revelation in 2014

​'The Time is Near'

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Speakers for 2018 - Andy Bannister, SOLAS Centre for Public Christianity (to be confirmed) and Martin Allen

Alisdair Payne has many students in his Cambridge church. His theme was 'The True and Living God'.

The 2017 Convention met around the theme: Finding Meaning in a Meaningless World. Simon Austen gave us a perspective on that as he spoke from Matthew's Gospel about Jesus Christ and 'Security for the Soul'. Dominic Smart explained the wisdom found in the Book of Ecclesiastes.


Fiona Marks represented

'Care for the Family' ​in 2015

Here are some subjects and speakers from earlier years.

Carine MacKenzie has spoken on 'The Gospel in the Family'. Her husband, William, runs Christian Focus Publications and gives book reviews every year.