Richard and Pam Bewes

Main Speakers

8th - 10th August 2017
Venue - Argyllshire Gathering Halls
Breadalbane Street
Oban Argyll
PA34 5NZ


Rev. Simon Austen

StLeonard’s Church of England, Exeter. Matthew's Gospel 13-15

Be Sure…. Security for the Soul

Author of

​Why Should God Bother With Me?

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Seminar opportunities from a variety of speakers will take place during the afternoon sessions.

There will be a bookshop available throughout the convention.

The Argyll Convention concludes with Songs of Praise at St. John’s Cathedral, Oban on Friday 11th August at 7.30pm
Please noteThere is no charge or registration required at the Argyll Convention 2017 which is a donations only event

Daily Programme

Prayer - 10am/ Main Sessions - 11am/ 2pm/ 7.30pm

A Christian Conference for 21st Century Scotland

​​“Finding Meaning in a Meaningless World”

Previous speakers have included:

Tim Chester

Richard Bewes

Carine MacKenzie

Simon Austen

Fiona Marks

​Dominic Smart



Rev. David Robertson

St Peter’s Free Church, Dundee. Ecclesiastes

Finding Meaning in a Meaningless World

Author of The Dawkins Letters

and Magnificent Obsession